Names and Locations of Azakhanas / Ashurkhanas of Bangalore

Following are the Azakhanas / Ashurkhanas of Bangalore:

1. Late Aga Mohammed Jaffer’s Ashurkhana
40, Serpentine Street.

2. Late Aga Mohammed Enrahim’s Ashurkhana
55, Serpentine Street.

3. Late Aga Ali Askar Wakf Ashurkhana Imambara – e – Askari
20, Hosur Road, Bangalore

4. Late Aga Abbas Ali’s Ashurkhana
Serpentine Street.

5. Late Alhaj Mirza Hashim Raza’s Ashurkhana
13, Aga Abdullah Street.

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6. Late Kubra Begum’s Ashurkhana
23, Aga Abdullah Street

7. Late Buddan Sab and Late Babni Sab’s Ashurkhana
Hussainy Chowk Pandal

8. Late Alhaj Aga Mohammed Hussain’s Ashurkhana
11, Aga Abdullah Street.

9. Hussainia-Saqqa-e-Sakina (a.s.)
12, Aga Abdullah Street.

10. Darbar-e-Hyderi, (Late Alhaj Abdul Hameed’s (Chotu) Ashurkhana)
19, Hosur Road, Bangalore

11. Babul Murad (Janab Late Alhaj Ajaz Hussain Saheb)
No. 42, Serpentine Street, Richmond Town, Bangalore – 560 025

12. Darul Qaim Alhaj Nawab Sartaj Hassan Mirza’s Azakhana
3, Myrtle Lane

13. Moulana Alhaj Nawab Raza Ali Khan’s Azakhana
5, Alfred Street

14. Janab Nissar Hussain’s Ashurkhana

15. Babul Hawaij
Masjid-e-Askari Complex

16. Late Aga Mohammed Hussain Mullazada’s Azakhana
30/3, Aga Abdullah Street

17. Arman-e-Zainab Ashurkhana
Arablane, B Street.

18. Late Mir Gulam Ali Madani’s Ashurkhana
3, Eagle Street.

19. Late Nawab Abul Hassan’s Azakhana
9/1, Hayes Road.

20. Late Alhaj Anwar Nassur’s Ashurkhana
Austin Town Layout.

There are more Ashurkhanas in Bangalore. I will try to write it in another blog.

Courtesy: Anjuman-e-Imamia

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9 thoughts on “Names and Locations of Azakhanas / Ashurkhanas of Bangalore

  1. A.A

    We are new to bangalore and stay near HAL.

    Please help us with the locations where and when ladies & gents majlis takes place.

    We know the “masjid – e- askari”, but do not know the timings.

    1. Salam
      we have shia masjid at three locations in bangalore
      one Masjid e Askeri at johnson market
      another Masjid Al Qaim at anepalya
      and one at yeswamthpur

  2. Hi I am new to bangalore. I live near kundhanhalli AECS layout . can you please let me know any nearest imam bargha..

  3. Sir, i am coming to banglore in mid august. I have got admission in presidency uni rajankunte, 10 kms from yelahanaka…i want to know which shia area would be nearest to the that i can rent a flat or take a hostel/pg

    1. Dear Aman

      There is no shia Area near to rajankunte

      There nearest shia area would Yeshwanthpur which is quiet far from your place

      But that would be the nearest one where you can find our masjid and Azakhana


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