Munajat Mere Moula Mujhe Do Sahara

The Best :- DUA (Munajat)

Meray Moula mujhey do sahaara

Meray Moula mujhey do sahaara
Meiney thama hay daman tumhara
Dhalthe suraj ko tumne ubhara
Meiney thama hay daman tumhara

Tum hee mushkil Kushaey jahan ho
Tum hee moulay koun o makaan ho
Ambiya nay bhi tum ko pukara
Meiney thama hay daman tumhara

Meree kashtee bhawar mein phasee hay
Dushmanoo kay labaon par hasi hai
Kardo nazdeek mujh sey kinara
Meiney thama hay daman tumhara

Gardeshon mein muqaddar hay mera
Kya karoon char soo hay andhera
Thum jo chaho to chamkey sitara
Meiney thama hay daman tumhara

Ranj mey kab sey mein mubtalaa hoon
Kab sey moula aseeray balaa hoon
Kya taraapna mera hay gawara
Meiney thama hay daman tumhara

Munharif ho chalaa hay zamanaa
Zindigi ban rahee hay fasaana
Dekho meri taraf ab khudaraa
Meiney thama hay daman tumhara

Tum ho moula Hasan ki duhaee
Sarware bey kafan ki duhaee
Sun lo faryaad meree Qudaraa
Meiney thama hay daman tumhara

Bahray Abbas bazoo ko thamo
Bayriyaan bahr Sajaad katoo
Ya Ali mein hoon banda tumhara
Meiney thama hay daman tumhara

Waasta Akbare naujawaaan ka
Waasta chay maheeney ki jaan ka
Kar do rahmath ko bus abb ishaara
Meiney thama hay daman tumhara

Dushmano ko mera haq dekha doo
Hosh ka unko sharbath pila doo
Kar do bus in pay ye aashkaara
Meiney thama hay daman tumhara

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4 thoughts on “Munajat Mere Moula Mujhe Do Sahara

  1. Assalamualykum,
    The knowledge from which no benefit is derived is like a treasure from which no charity
    is bestowed in the way of the Lord. Saying of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w)
    O Kumayl ! Knowledge is power and it can command obedience. A man of knowledge during his lifetime can make people obey and follow him and he is praised and venerated after his death. Remember that knowledge is a ruler and wealth is its subject. Saying of Imam Ali (a.s.)
    All Praise to Almighty Allah and Masoomeen a.s.
    Dear all ,
    My name is Syed Waseem ul Hassan & I’m an Architect by profession, a resident of Kashmir. My father is a religious scholar and serves as Imam at a local masjid. He has a small but good collection of religious books which are mostly written in Persian and Arabic.
    In our state very few people understand Persian and Arabic. And I’m not among those lucky few. I always desire that I should buy , collect and read religious books. I actually want to collect books and make them available for others also but in English and Urdu Languages so that majority of the people can read and understand them. It can be in the shape of a small free library with which Momineen can benefit themselves.
    For this cause I have already started buying books I can afford. I’m writing this letter to all concerned persons, agencies and organizations which often distribute free books and literature or may donate books in English and Urdu languages. Please let us start this today to secure our future and that of generations to come. I think this will be a small tribute towards Masoomeen a.s..
    Loooking forward.
    With Regards
    Syed Waseem
    Satboni, Lalbazar, Srinagar, Kashmir, India

    1. imam madad
      very nice thought may allah help you achieve in ur dreams
      inshallah our momin brothers will get back to you soon


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